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Brainsport Times Aug 14, 2018

We're just days away from the Teen Challenge Freedom Run! This is going to be a fun event, with proceeds going towards the Prairie Hope Women's Centre. If you haven't already registered to be sure to check out the "Upcoming Events" section to learn more. In this week's Q&A we're talking yoga! More specifically, we're learning more about how all you yoga instructors out there can up your game. Shirley Berthelet of Breath Move Be is here to talk about two upcoming yoga training courses that will take your skills to another level. And, for those of you who have experienced the many benefits of yoga and are interested in taking the first steps towards becoming an instructor, Breath Move Be is a great place to start, which we'll also talk to Shirley about. So, let's get right to our conversation!

Q&A with Shirley Berthelet

Tara: The training course you have coming up is for two different types of yoga - restorative yoga and chair yoga. What are some of the benefits of these types of yoga for runners and others as well?
Shirley: When we talk about using yoga to enhance a runners experience on and off the path we refer to the fact that yoga should be a counterbalance to what the athlete is doing in the context of their training program.  Taking time for a restorative focused yoga practice balances out the times during a runners training when there is a high focus on intensity, or directly following an event. Chair yoga is the most accessible form of yoga, available to everyone. Runners sometimes find it difficult to fit yoga into their schedule, chair yoga doesn't require special clothing, or equipment and can be done even when individuals have a few moments in their workday.
Tara: What motivated you to start teaching yoga? And what words of encouragement do you have for those who are interested in furthering their knowledge?

Shirley: My first encounter teaching yoga was when I was a Fitness Instructor for the City of Saskatoon. The City of Saskatoon offered a bursary program for their fitness instructors to take yoga training. Once I began teaching yoga I was profoundly affected by the change in my participants from the beginning of a yoga class to the end. Yoga brings our minds and bodies together, and our experience when we take the time to turn our attention inward and to notice our breath. is that of being restored to balance.

Tara: What are some of the details of the course? For example, what would a typical day of training look like for participants?
Shirley: Both the restorative yoga and chair yoga training are available via webinar. Each training is two Tuesday evenings for two hours. The group comes together in a video conference and we discuss details about the style of yoga and then our lead instructor walks the students through various poses pertinent to the training.  There is also an independent study piece - homework that the student will complete before receiving their certification the student will complete before receiving their certification.

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The founders of Breath Move Be - Shirley Berthelet and Leanne Parsons - are ready to take you on a journey towards yoga instructor certification. Photo Supplied

Tara: Let's talk a bit about the options for those people out there who don't currently have any yoga instructor certification. What courses does Breath Move Be offer to help people reach their goals in terms of basic certification?

Shirley: The Fitness Yoga Instructor (FYI) certification is an entry-level teacher training with a focus on equipping students to teach foundational yoga from a fitness perspective, and to teach with confidence to the athletic community through the use of applied anatomy. Our training groups are small and provide lots of opportunities for each trainee to become confident in their ability to articulate postures and to understand the nuances of sequencing yoga in a fitness environment.

Tara: Is there anything more you would like to add?
Shirley: One of the most important things I have done as a runner is to incorporate yoga into my schedule. It has helped me to remain focused during moments of intensity. It has taught me how to breath more efficiently. When I take time to stretch and strengthen my muscles my stride is longer. It has helped to heal and restore my body during injury. Yoga makes me a better runner and as a yoga instructor, one of my greatest pleasures is to be able to share this beautiful practice with other runners.

Upcoming Events

Restorative Yoga Training

Learn the ins and outs of teaching Restorative Yoga. Restorative Yoga is just that - restorative. It is a peaceful and calming class to release stress and allow the body to rest, heal, and restore through restful yoga postures, meditation, and conscious relaxation. Props (blankets, blocks, bolsters, and straps) are used in a way that supports the body to enable comfortable opening of the tissues. The online course, available for existing yoga teachers only. The course runs from August 7 to August 14. To register click here

Chair Yoga Training

Adapt your teaching to a chair and broaden your skills to reach special populations. This unique class is designed for seniors or for those who have physical limitations or difficulties exercising. Students are led through a series of yoga postures while seated in a chair or using a chair for support, providing options appropriate for everybody. The online course, available for existing yoga teachers only. The course runs from August 21 to August 28. To register to click here

Teen Challenge Freedom Run 


Runners and walkers of all fitness levels will join together for our Teen Challenge Freedom Run on August 19. This 5K fun run is in support of the Teen Challenge Prairie Hope Women's Centre. Whether you are a seasoned runner or first-time participant, end your summer with a healthy living challenge and support a great cause fighting addiction across Saskatchewan. To register click here.

Yoga for Runners

Breathe Move Be is offering a yoga for runners class starting on September 6. This 10-week course will be of benefit runners of all levels. To register This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view, or text Leanne: 306-251-2964.

Crushing Chiari 5-10-15K Run In Kenaston


On September 15 take part in a fun run in Keneston in support of the Canadian Chiari Association. The event is being organized by Tammy Powder, who, along with her daughter Ella, has Chiari Malformation - a neurological disorder. Anyone is welcome to take part in the 5K, 10K, or 15K with the options of running, biking or walking.The race fee is $40 for each run but if you raise over $80 in sponsorship then you will be able to enter for free! Each participant will also receive a race t-shirt. Send your registration fee to Tammy Powder via e-transfer along with the following information and you will get a tax receipt from CCA! Name, address, email address and phone number. Contact Tammy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details and to register.

Race Against Racism

On September 22 join your community for a run that brings together people from all over Saskatoon from various communities, with unique backgrounds, religions, cultures, sexual orientations, ages, and ethnicities. Everyone comes together to achieve a common goal; to provide a positive, safe environment to live in harmony and show that Saskatoon will not accept racism. Runners, walkers, and rollers have the choice to participate in the 2.5K, 5K, 10K or half marathon. To learn more and to register click here

GMS Queen City Marathon


Take part in one of the province's premier road races on the weekend of September 7 at the Queen City Marathon. There are distance options ranging from the kid's 1K through to the full marathon, along with relay options. To learn more and to register click here.

EY River Run Classic


The EY River Run Classic is one of the premier running events in Saskatoon. This event is organized by the Saskatoon Road Runners Association and consists of 2K (family run), 5K, 10K, distances. The routes run along the South Saskatchewan River, making for a beautiful route. For more information click here

Voodoo Fitness Festival


In September Saskatoon will play host to the Voodoo Fitness Festival - the largest fitness competition in Canada. There are divisions for all levels of athletes, so if CrossFit is up your alley be sure to check out the website to learn more.


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Thanks for reading the Times this week. 

Gotta run,

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