Welcome to Regina

History shows before Regina was formally named, many in the area called it "Pile of Bones" in reference to the buffalo bones piled here by the Aboriginal people who hunted in the area.  Formally named in 1892 Regina was given the name Regina in honor of then Queen Victoria. Regina is the Latin word for Queen.

Regina is a diverse city with its members coming from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds around the world. This is no more evident than when we celebrate Mosaic our Multi-Cultural festival usually held in early June each year. Hosted by the http://www.reginamulticulturalcouncil.ca and staged in a number of separate pavilions visitors can enjoy a sampling of ethnic foods, traditions and dance of the group hosting each pavilion. 

Regina is the provincial seat of Government and out Legislative buildings are located in the heart of the city. Located in Wascana park which features a lake and many walking paths and trails it's a great place to escape the busy day and relax and enjoy nature. 


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