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A few facts and figures never hurt the internet is full of them. Being a website about Regina we will only post facts relevant to Regina. 

Maybe you need to settle that ongoing debate at Leopold's Tavern on Albert, over when and where the first A&W was build, or who the biggest employer in Regina is.

Big or small these facts may come in handy but by no means can we guarantee their accuracy.
We will post all the reference's used to arrive at the "fact" in question but can not guarantee its accuracy. (don't shoot the messenger)

Should you know of a better reference source please let us know. In fact, if you know something we don't let us know.
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Where does Regina get its name

"Regina" the city was first named Regina (latin for Queen) in 1892 in honor of then Queen Victoria named by then Governer General of Canada, Princess Louise the Duchess of Argyll in honor of her Mother the Queen. #1
Regina has one main nickname the "Queen City" from obvious sources. #1

Regina in the Guinness World Book of Records

Although some Records have been made or broke in Regina and are in the Guinness World Records there is one record that is not.

 Regina having "The longest bridge over the shortest span of water in the world" - IS NOT IN THEIR RECORDS

The Memorial Bridge spanning the mighty Wascana Creek on Albert Street is "not" recorded as "The longest bridge over the shortest span of water in the world"
they do not even have such a category. Check it our for yourself.#2
That bridge has been rumored for years and to carry that title and that was propagated by various publications such as The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan #3 Written By the University of Regina where they say and we quote "The Albert Street Memorial Bridge, known as “the longest bridge over the shortest span of water,”". #3 
as well as The City of Regina Library even speaks to its being "rumored as such" in its History of Regina in Photographs #4

We must add that if anyone wishes to have it added to the Guinness World Records its only $5 USD to apply for individual records. The application is here
If you apply and send us a copy of your application to post here we will even Pay for your application as we agree it should be in the Book.

Records in the Guinness World Records set in or near Regina

  • Longest wheelie (distance) on a quad bike (ATV) #5 set Sept. 15, 1995 by Lucas Henwood at the Kings Park Speedway in Regina, by going 50 km with a wheelie. 
  • Here's a couple sad one....."Most Consecutive Grey Cup Final Defeats" #6 (need to log in to see that one) But it's also on Wikipedia
  • Most Grey Cup Loses and we quote "The Saskatchewan Roughriders have the most losses in Grey Cup play (15), including five consecutive losses between 1928 and 1932." #7




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