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Brainsport Times Dec. 28, 2016

The countdown is on to New Year's Eve, hopefully you all had a wonderful Christmas Day and are continuing to enjoy the Holiday Season. There's nothing quite like sharing in a run with friends and family this time of year. In this week's Q&A we speak with a new member of the Brainsport Run Club who definitely understands the spirit of camaraderie among runners. If you're a regular at Run Club you may have already met Shan Chao. If not, this will serve as an introduction and opportunity for everyone to learn a bit more about him. Before we get to it though, a quick thank you to long-time Rub Club member, Don Cochrane, for connecting us with a translator to help make this interview possible. Q&A with Shan Chao Tara: Welcome to Saskatoon. We are very happy you found the Brainsport Run Club. You come to us from a great distance. Where in China do...Dec28 16 1
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