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Brainsport Times Dec. 20, 2017

Thank you to everyone who came out to this year's BYOC (bring your own cookie) run on Saturday - it's always fun to celebrate the holiday season together. We were honoured to also present Brent Senger with the Ric Hanna Leadership Award on the weekend! We're going to speak with Brent in this week's Q&A to learn more about his story, as well as hear from Brian about presenting Brent with the award this year.  First though, an update on the sock drive we spoke with Jan Stirling about in last week's Times. Her goal was to collect 100 pairs of new socks for those in need by December 20. Well, she reached that goal and then some. All together, including infant, children's, men's and women's, the drive brought in 278 pairs of socks! Jan sends a big "thank you" to everyone who donated.   Now on to our Q&A with Brent and...Dec20 17 1
Dec20 17 2
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Brainsport Times Dec. 14, 2016

  Congratulations to Tarrant Crosschild on being named the 2016 recipient of the Ric Hanna Leadership Award. Through his love of running Tarrant has become a very positive influence in the province; inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds. Click here to read CBC's story about Tarrant's recognition as this year's award winner. From inspiring personal stories of running to the industry that surrounds it - we now shift our attention to The Running Event. Each year running industry folks flock to this trade show and conference where hundreds of exhibitors strut their latest and greatest. In this week's Q&A we speak with Brian, who recently returned for this massive event in Orlando, FL. Q&A with Brian Michasiw Tara: Before we get to more of the specifics about your time at The Running Event, what are your thoughts on the event as a whole from year to year?            Brian: The Running Event is an annual trade show that is designed for...
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