Moving to Regina

So you are considering moving to Regina, no matter where you venture from

Welcome, Bienvenue, Svāgat, Üdvözlet, Velkominn, Selamat, Datang, Vitajemo, yin dee dtôn ráp, Walcome, Bem-vindos, Dobrodošli!, Witamy, ahlan wa sahlan. 

and Hi to those languages we missed!

You will find we are a welcoming community with a lot to offer everyone no matter where they may be from. 

Please enjoy Regina and everything it has to offer you. We are a free and democratic city in the province of Saskatchewan. We joined Confederation Sept 1, 1905. That make us still a very young Province and many of our ancestors were also immigrants. We are the Provincial seat of Government with the provincial legislative buildings being located here and offer a stable democratic political structure. 

We have a great education system and medical facilities available to all residents. We have a great lifestyle with little to worry about in the form of Natural disasters of any kind (if you can accept the odd day dropping to -40+ in the winter not being one). We are very proud to be the home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or commonly know as the RCMP. 

We have advanced education available through the University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic as well as many private vocational facilities. Employment is always stable here and making a living is much easier than in many large centers. 

Check out our site we display local events and offer a business directory all for no cost to the viewer. We have links to the local weather, gas prices and road conditions.

Again Welcome! 


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