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Brainsport Times Feb 5, 2020

Registration is open for the 12th annual Brainsport Brainfreeze, which takes place snow or shine on March 1. This event, which features five-kilometre, 10-kilometre and half marathon races, is the main fundraiser for the University of Saskatchewan Huskies cross-country team.  Here are five reasons you should sign up: 1. The event is a huge boost for the Huskies The Brainfreeze has capacity for 400 runners and, if it sells out, could bring in more than $10,000 for the Huskies cross country team. Race Director Taryn Heidecker says the race is so important because the Huskie cross country team struggles to fundraise like some of the more spectator-friendly university sports that charge people to watch games. Money raised from the Brainfreeze goes toward scholarships, team travel, training camps and program development.  The cost of registration for each distance is $75, which includes an ArroWhere vest. 2. There are lots of photo opportunities...

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Brainsport Times May. 23, 2018

All the best to everyone taking part in the Saskatchewan Marathon this weekend! We hope everyone has a great day, whether you're racing, volunteering, or cheering along the sidelines.  In this week's Q&A we're speaking the Cary Snyder. Cary is the race director of a new fun run in the city called the Teen Challenge Freedom Run happening on August 19. This event is a great opportunity to get out with family and friends in support of an important cause, which Cary is going to tell us about!  Q&A with Cary Snyder Tara: What was the motivation behind starting the Teen Challenge Freedom Run? Cary: Teen Challenge is always interested in finding different ways to reach our community and spread the word about Teen Challenge. The Freedom Run is a fun way to bring people together to raise awareness & funds for Teen Challenge. Tara: For those not familiar, what is...

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Brainsport Times May 31, 2017

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Saskatchewan Marathon event last weekend - what a great day!  In this week's Times we're keeping the focus on the marathon - the Abbott World Marathon Majors - to be specific. For those not familiar with the six World Marathon Majors they are the Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York City Marathons.  One of the most renowned accomplishments in the sport of running is completing all six of these majors. In the past 10 years, only about 600 people have accomplished this, and one of them is Saskatoon's, Reita MacDonald. In this week's Q&A we're speaking with Rita to learn about her extraordinary achievement, which she completed at the London Marathon last month. Q&A with Reita MacDonald Tara: Let’s start by learning more about your running background; how long you've been running? What got you started? Reita: I ran my first marathon on September 3, 2000, a month...

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Brainsport Times May 3, 2017

Each year one of the highlights of the Saskatchewan Marathon event is the pasta dinner; not only because there's tons of yummy carb loading to be done, but also because of the keynote speakers. This year two local runners will be headlining the event - Jason Warick and Tarrant Cross Child.  In his prime Jason was one of Canada's top long distance runners, captaining the Canadian National Marathon team, and owning a marathon PR of 2:19:39, which he ran in Chicago in 2006. Jason now coaches a group of competitive runners here in Saskatoon, including Tarrant Cross Child - winner of the 1998 Saskatchewan Marathon.  In this week's Q&A we're having a conversation with Jason and Tarrant about their upcoming gig at the Saskatchewan Marathon! Q&A with Jason Warick and Tarrant Cross Child Tara: You both have a lot to give in terms of sharing your running experiences with others. What motivates you to share...

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