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Brainsport Times Aug 29, 2018

The fall racing season is just around the corner! Locally, one of the premier events is the EY River Run Classic. Along with a change in date this year, there are some exciting bonuses to take note of. In this week's Q&A we're going to get the scoop on it all from race director, Kim Ali. So let's get right to it!Q&A with Kim Ali Tara: The EY River Run Classic is a go-to race for many runners each year; it's a well-organized and takes place on a beautiful course. Why did the race date change? Kim: The SRRA determined that there was a gap in the Saskatoon fall race schedule and looked at ways to introduce a family run in conjunction with one of their races. They determined that the River Run needed a new date as July was consistently so hot for runners. So, the race changed seasons and we are excited...Aug29 18 1
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Brainsport Times Oct. 25, 2017

With later sunrises and earlier sunsets, runners often find themselves running under dark skies and navigating slick terrain this time of year. Despite the shorter days and less than ideal weather conditions, the fall and winter seasons are still a beautiful time to run in Saskatoon. The key is to make sure you're taking proper measures to stay safe and injury free. In this week's Q&A we're going to speak with Brainsport manager Lisette Schermann to get the scoop on ways to help you run safe and stay healthy this season. Q&A with Lisette Schermann Tara: As the days getting shorter and shorter, runners often find themselves with no choice other than to put their miles in under the dark sky. What are some must-have accessories for staying safe on those dark runs? Lisette: We talk about visibility a lot. Without going into much detail, it refers to several things. There‚Äôs being visible to traffic and...Oct25 17 1
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Brainsport Times Oct. 18, 2017

We're shifting gears this week to talk yoga, but don't worry we're not steering too far off our favourite topic of running! In fact our focus this week is very much on running; we're just looking at it from the ground up.  As seasoned runners will know, a foundation of strength and mobility, along with proper recovery is key to injury-free running and longevity in the sport. Here in Saskatoon, we're fortunate to have some excellent yoga teachers who know their stuff when it comes to integrating yoga into a runner's routine.  Shirley Berthelet and Leanne Parsons are the founders of BreatheMoveBe. You may be familiar with these names, as many of their yoga classes have been taught in the Brainsport Community Room. So what's yoga for runners all about? Well, in this week's Q&A we're going to speak with Leanne to learn about it! Q&A with Leanne ParsonsTara: Before we get into...Oct18 17 1
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Brainsport Times May 10, 2017

We're only 17 days away from hundreds of runners lining up at the start of the Saskatchewan Marathon. Some will be taking on the full marathon distance, some the half marathon, and others will be looking to achieve their goals in the 5K and 10K races.  It's always a pleasure to watch this event, as runners of all levels take to the streets. In this week's Times we're going to speak with a beginner runner who's been participating in the Brainsport Running Academy 10K Course. Michael Baars started out on what he would have once considered an unlikely journey back in February with coach Tarrant Cross Child. Over the past few months Michael has transformed himself into a runner who will proudly pin on a Saskatchewan Marathon race bib on May 28. Let's learn more about Michael's story in this week's Q&A!  Q&A with Michael Baars Tara: You've made great strides at the Brainsport Running Academy 10K...May10 17 1
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Brainsport Times May 3, 2017

Each year one of the highlights of the Saskatchewan Marathon event is the pasta dinner; not only because there's tons of yummy carb loading to be done, but also because of the keynote speakers. This year two local runners will be headlining the event - Jason Warick and Tarrant Cross Child.  In his prime Jason was one of Canada's top long distance runners, captaining the Canadian National Marathon team, and owning a marathon PR of 2:19:39, which he ran in Chicago in 2006. Jason now coaches a group of competitive runners here in Saskatoon, including Tarrant Cross Child - winner of the 1998 Saskatchewan Marathon.  In this week's Q&A we're having a conversation with Jason and Tarrant about their upcoming gig at the Saskatchewan Marathon! Q&A with Jason Warick and Tarrant Cross Child Tara: You both have a lot to give in terms of sharing your running experiences with others. What motivates you to share...SaskMarathon2
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