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Brainsport Times Dec. 5, 2018

A new display installed at the University of Saskatchewan’s Physical Activity Complex (PAC) this fall is honouring the accomplishments of Saskatchewan’s Indigenous athletes. Stories and artifacts from nine Indigenous athletes who have been inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame are now featured in the second-floor display case and on a digital kiosk. Chad London, dean of the university’s College of Kinesiology, said the display answers one of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action, which calls on relevant organizations to provide public education that tells the national story of Indigenous athletes in history. One of the athletes honoured is Paul Acoose, from Sakimay First Nation in southeast Saskatchewan. He is best known for defeating Tom Longboat, who was then the world’s best marathon runner, in a 12-mile (19-kilometre) race in Toronto in 1910 that was dubbed the Redskin Running Championship of the World. Though Acoose was presented with...Dec5 18 1
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Brainsport Times July 4, 2018

We're talking CrossFit in today's Times. The Voodoo Fitness Festival takes place in September here in Saskatoon; and Brainsport is sponsoring the run portion of the event. The Voodoo Fitness Festival will draw more than 500 athletes from across Canada into Saskatoon for a weekend of competition.To get the scoop on this event we're speaking with organizing committee member and CrossFit Games athlete Laurie Meschishnick.So, let's get right to it! Q&A with Laurie MeschishnickTara: Some of our readers may be familiar with the Voodoo Fitness Festival, while others likely aren't. Tell us about the basic premise of this event? Laurie: The Voodoo Fitness Festival is in its ninth year (formerly the Bridge City Beatdown). It is the largest fitness festival in Canada being host to more than 500 athletes from all across Canada. Many of the attending athletes have competed at the regional level of CrossFit which is the last step to the Crossfit Games. This year's Voodoo...July4 18 1
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Brainsport Times May. 23, 2018

All the best to everyone taking part in the Saskatchewan Marathon this weekend! We hope everyone has a great day, whether you're racing, volunteering, or cheering along the sidelines.  In this week's Q&A we're speaking the Cary Snyder. Cary is the race director of a new fun run in the city called the Teen Challenge Freedom Run happening on August 19. This event is a great opportunity to get out with family and friends in support of an important cause, which Cary is going to tell us about!  Q&A with Cary Snyder Tara: What was the motivation behind starting the Teen Challenge Freedom Run? Cary: Teen Challenge is always interested in finding different ways to reach our community and spread the word about Teen Challenge. The Freedom Run is a fun way to bring people together to raise awareness & funds for Teen Challenge. Tara: For those not familiar, what is...May23 18 1
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Brainsport Times Oct. 18, 2017

We're shifting gears this week to talk yoga, but don't worry we're not steering too far off our favourite topic of running! In fact our focus this week is very much on running; we're just looking at it from the ground up.  As seasoned runners will know, a foundation of strength and mobility, along with proper recovery is key to injury-free running and longevity in the sport. Here in Saskatoon, we're fortunate to have some excellent yoga teachers who know their stuff when it comes to integrating yoga into a runner's routine.  Shirley Berthelet and Leanne Parsons are the founders of BreatheMoveBe. You may be familiar with these names, as many of their yoga classes have been taught in the Brainsport Community Room. So what's yoga for runners all about? Well, in this week's Q&A we're going to speak with Leanne to learn about it! Q&A with Leanne ParsonsTara: Before we get into...Oct18 17 1
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Brainsport Times June 21, 2017

Congratulations to all the kids who rocked the Brainsport Kids of Steel Triathlon last weekend!  This week we're keeping the focus on the triathlon with an interview with young and upcoming triathlete here in Saskatoon - Kaycee Schroeder. Kaycee moved to Saskatoon two years ago from Dundurn. She's been competing in triathlon for 10 years, along with track and cross country.  Let's get to know more about Kaycee and hear some of her insights on the triathlon scene here in Saskatoon and surrounding area.  Q&A with Kaycee Schroeder Tara: As we saw again with the success of this year's Brainsport Kids of Steel Triathlon- along with the increasing interest in the sport from adults, triathlon is alive and well in Saskatoon and the surrounding area. As a young woman competing in the sport, what do you think makes for such a strong triathlon scene here?Kaycee: We have a strong triathlon community in Saskatoon that is very...June21 17 1
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Brainsport Times Apr. 19, 2017

It's likely safe to say there's not a runner in Saskatoon who doesn't enjoy taking to the trails of Meewasin Valley. It's also likely most runners do their part to keep the trails free of trash, but there is an opportunity to do even more!  Tomorrow (Thursday, April 20) everyone is welcome to meet at Brainsport at 6 p.m. to walk the river and do some cleaning up. The plan is to clean from Victoria Bridge to the start of the woodchip trail. If you're not familiar with that area, not to worry there will be lots of supports around.  In this week's Q&A we're speaking with longtime runner David Buchner to learn more about this annual spring clean up and why it's so important.  Q&A with David Buchner Tara: One of the great pleasures of living in, or visiting Saskatoon is running the trails of Meewasin Valley. As someone who's been a longtime...April19 17 1
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